June 25, 2011

A roomful of replicas

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Berlin for the opening of the Keith Rowe exhibition at Lüttgenmeijer. Should you check this blog because you've been there, have read the embedded remix of my Rowe essay (see below) for the occasion, and are curious for more: there will be another post on the artist up in a couple of weeks or so, right after a vicious slapfight between Lon Chaney and Marina Abramovic. Stay tuned . . .

UPDATE, early September. As you can tell, I've been distracted. Some of the stuff I've been writing can eventually go up here, too, but I'll have to wait till some grass grows over it. I had hoped I could meanwhile link you to the Rowe essay mentioned above, but it's still not up on the gallery site yet. So if you want to read it, just drop me a line at spurdertoene[at]mail.com, and I will send you a pdf.

UPDATE, two days later. Ha! You can now download a pdf with exhibition views and the text of my essay from the gallery site. Additional payoff to this document is how conscentiously I took the fact that I hadn't yet seen one of these works in the original, that it might completely change my perception to encounter them in the flesh, only to be greeted by a roomful of replicas!

Cheers, Lutz

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